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Qualified Roof Inspections

Learn more about the benefits of having your roof inspected by the pros!

roofing inspections in Benton, Hot Springs, & Little Rock, AR

Did a severe storm drop hail on your roof? Are your neighbors scheduling repairs? It might not be obvious that you have roof damage, but you can find out with a residential or commercial roof inspection from Johnson Roofing & Repair, LLC.

We provide customers in Benton, Hot Springs, & Little Rock, AR and throughout central Arkansas with corner-to-corner roof inspections. Our skilled roofer will examine every inch of your roof to find potential problems and damage. If your roof does need repairs, we’ll help you make an insurance claim to get the compensation you need to restore it. Schedule a commercial or residential roof inspection today by calling 501-249-3994.

The signs we check for during a roof inspection

What we look for during an inspection

You can rest assured that we won’t miss a thing when we examine your roof. Our residential and commercial roof inspections include…

  • Identifying and locating leaks
  • Checking for wind and hail damage
  • Finding wood rot that could weaken your roof

You’ll receive a full report of your roof’s condition so you can make an informed decision moving forward. Contact us today to arrange for commercial or residential roof inspection services.

a residential roof with shingles
Let’s get started!

For qualified, trustworthy residential and commercial roofing services in the Little Rock area, leave it to  Johnson Roofing and Repair LLC.